Paper Wars

Paper Wars is a real-time strategy game for iOS. This project has been long in the making (still is!) and a dedication of love and labor. Paper Wars' core gameplay centers around a Command and Conquer-like field, where the Player controls a series of troops for differing factions and battles for enemy domination or maybe hitting an objective or two.

Paper Wars' style is based on scribbles and sketching, and all the nuances of the art of paper. It's a fun, light-hearted, quick pick-up tailored to touch screens. It's current iteration is currently using the Unity engine and is slated for release sometime within the next 1-15 years.

Cardio Combat

Cardio Combat is a group fitness class format that combines martial arts and rhythm to create an fun, accessible and intense cardio workout. The crux of Cardio Combat is building up complex, sequential combos to music. The moves and combos are derived from martial arts movements, and not only focuses on timing and execution to the music, but proper form as well.

Cardio Combat is the brain child of Peruvian karate champion Paul Hoyos. Paul started the CC format locally in Lima, Peru. After emigrating to the US, Paul brought his Cardio Combat stylings and class format to San Francisco's own Fitness SF as a group fitness instructor, and he is currently growing Cardio Combat to a certifiable format to spread the Cardio Combat love (and fists, and kicks).
I'm lucky enough to have been a pupil and friend of Paul for a years, and was excited to study Cardio Combat directly under him. I have since become one of the few Cardio Combat-Certified instructors, and occasionally moonlight as an sub for Paul, and mentor to other group fitness specialists.


M-Theory Design, LLC

M-Theory Design LLC Working Logo

M-Theory Design LLC is a personal LLC that I use to explore business endeavors outside my core profession as a UX Designer. I've always been one to dip my toes in the proverbial pool of entrepreneurship, and the LLC was formed to explore the business-side of stuff.

M-Theory is focused on design services, game & application development, as well as serves as the home base for other things like my Personal Training DBA (Dynamis Fitness) and some plans for some culinary adventures. Hopefully, many more projects to come.